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I graduated from UCC with a degree in Public Health in 2017 (pictured). On graduating, I worked full-time in a health regulatory body. I learned much from the work here but felt that I would like to continue my academic learning in the field of science. I started to look into the MSc Food Science and immediately felt drawn to this programme.

As mentioned, my undergraduate studies were also undertaken in UCC. I always enjoyed my time at UCC and felt that the university was ‘homely’. Furthermore, UCC has never-ending facilities in terms of studying, sport and support. Thus, on my return, I was happy to restart university life and make the most of new opportunities. On return to UCC, I decided to apply myself to all aspects of university life. I started looking at societies and fundraising opportunities and maximised my use of the Mardyke Leisure Facilities.

At current, I am nearly into my third month of the MSc Food Science. UCC is renowned for its teaching and facilities in terms of food science and this is evident on study of this programme. From the first week of the MSc, the school of food and nutritional sciences have provided us with talks from potential employers and plenty of academic support. I can also say that I enjoy all of my modules and can determine their importance beyond university life.

There are 14 of us undertaking the MSc this year which has allowed us all to get to know each other. This has meant that we support each other if one of us is finding an aspect of the course difficult. For instance, we have planned weekly library group study sessions. This has really put me at ease as in studying Public Health, I did not have the same level of Chemistry at the outset. However, my undergraduate course has proved advantageous in some instances. For example, I have a lot of experience in assignment writing whereas some of my peers don’t.

Overall, I am really enjoying the MSc at the moment. I feel that I have a genuine interest in my modules which greatly assists in my learning. From a social aspect it is also nice to be back at university and making the most of university life.

Check out the online prospectus page for MSc Food Science.

Eimear Carr - MSc Food Science

Blog Post 2

Since my last blog post, I completed semester one of the MSc in Food Science. I have just started my second semester of the degree and feel fully recharged after the Christmas break. Overall, semester one was a whirlwind; it came and went fast.

Truthfully, I had so many plans for semester one; societies…gym…daily trips to the library. While I made quite a good attempt at keeping this up, I think what I’ve learned from semester one is scheduling and balance is key. While I had hoped I wouldn’t have resorted to cramming for the exams, it happened in the end (as always!).

However, I think what I’ve also learnt from semester one is that things always get done in the end. Although we had plenty of exams and assignments, we were quite happy with the majority of them. Now its time to go back to more of a balanced university life before we hit that point again.

Furthermore, on reflection of semester one, it’s crazy to think about the wealth of knowledge we attained over the couple of months. Although none of us particularly enjoyed the exams, for me, I felt that this is where most of the knowledge pieced together.

As I mentioned in my first blog, Food Science and Science itself as topics were relatively new to me when I entered this course. Thus, when things started getting busy, it was quite daunting. However, I really think the people in my class helped with this. When we found certain modules difficult, we booked a room in the library and tried to explain the concepts to each other. Facebook group chats were also great especially the nights before exams. If any of us were nervous about a particular topic, we referred each other to books, papers and so on. Our lecturers were also on hand for extra tutorials which we did make use of.

Again, as semester two begins, one of my new years resolutions is to ensure my college life is balanced to avoid stresses. Although its easier said than done, I’m looking forward to once again attempting to make the most of my time at UCC.

Check out the online prospectus page for MSc Food Science

Eimear Carr - MSc Food Science 

Blog Post 3

With about three months left in my Masters, it is a really busy time. The last two months have revolved around assignments and presentations, my literature review for my dissertation and currently, we are nearing the end of exams. Then it is onto spending time in the lab to complete our projects. These few months will be dedicated solely to our dissertation.

Nevertheless, I am excited to complete my other modules and put my best effort into my project which is on simulated gastrointestinal digestion in infants. From reading around it, I feel it will be both interesting and rewarding. I am also thinking about my future after the masters and have decided I will contact recruiters soon for advice and to explore job prospects. In food science, there are so many prospects which is brilliant, but it would probably be best to get some additional guidance.

I am feeling hopeful about my future career as there are so many successful food science companies based in Ireland. We have also received plenty of talks from companies which has been great in getting an insight into the work that is out there. On completion of my masters, I am hoping to stay in Ireland and build up my experience, but hopefully travel with work will be on the horizon at some stage!

On reflection of my postgraduate student experience to date, I have really enjoyed it. I feel that I have found a course that I find interesting and I am hopeful about my future career. Although I feel there is a huge workload, being interested in the content keeps me motivated and inspired to keep going. Our class has also been a great support network for each other helping each other with assignments and as we come close to the exams, we are hoping to celebrate with another class party (as in the photo) :) 

Food science class photo

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