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What is the difference between a Full and Conditional Offer?

A conditional offer is an offer to a postgraduate course which is dependent on the applicant providing further information, such as transcripts of final undergraduate results. A full offer is an unconditional offer of a place on a postgraduate course. 

Students must accept an offer within the timeframe outlined in the PAC communications received. Upon acceptance, a conditional offer becomes a conditional acceptance, and a full offer becomes a full acceptance.

What is the difference between a Full and Conditional Acceptance?

A conditional acceptance means further information needs to be provided by the applicant prior to the applicant being able to receive a full acceptance and to subsequently be able to receive their registration information. The applicant can log into their PAC account to ascertain what documentation is outstanding.

A full acceptance means all supporting documention and relating infomation required has been received by UCC and the applicant has accepted the place. Only those will full acceptances will receive information on how to register for the course. 

I have a full acceptance. Where will my registration information be sent?

Students who have accepted a full offer on a postgraduate course from UCC will receive a registration information via post or email as provided on PAC depending on the course.

My postal address has changed since my initial application. How to I change my details?

If you wish to change your postal address, please log onto your PAC account and update your details before 1st August 2019. If you wish to change your postal address after 1st August 2019, please provide the new details to us through our online contact form.

I have received my registration details. What are the next steps?

Once you have received your registration information, follow the steps outlined therein to register online. Please complete online registration even if you have not yet received your grant confirmation for payment of fees. Registration Part 2 is in-person and on-campus. You will not be able to complete Registration Part 2 until online registration is completed. 

For technical problems with your password or logging on, phone + 353 21 4901886 or email sit@ucc.ie. Please have your student number ready. Visit the Student IT Services website for more information.

I am waiting on my grant. Can I complete my online registration?

Online registration should be completed even if you have not yet received your grant confirmation for payment of fees. Students have two options:

  1. Pay the first amount due online and, if/when your grant is confirmed, any balance owed will be refunded to you by UCC.
  2. Click the "funded option" on your online form, attend Registration Part 2, but you will not receive your Student ID card until your grant has been confirmed.

How do I go about cancelling my place on a course?

If your position has changed and you can no longer enrol on your UCC Postgraduate Course and need to cancel, please perform the following steps:

  • login to your PAC account and cancel your acceptance on the UCC Postgraduate course
    • Please click here to view a guide from PAC as to how to cancel your course acceptance
  • Notify the Graduate Studies Office that you are cancelling your acceptance by clicking here

How do I cancel my place after having registered online?

Contact the Graduate Studies Office immediately to cancel your registration by completing the contact form by clicking here. If you do not cancel your registration, you will continue to be liable to pay the fees for the relevant programme.

How to I find information out about deferral of my course place?

You can find out information on deferrals by clicking hereclicking hereclicking here

Where should I go for Registration Part 2?

Registration Part 2 takes place on UCC campus. The timetable, including venue and dates for registration, will be available in August at this link.

What documents do I need to bring to Registration Part 2?

Please bring original documents or certified true copies* of the required document(s). Photocopies of documents that are not certified as being true copies will not be accepted.

Non-UCC Graduates
  • Birth Certificate/Passport/NDLS (National Driver Licence Service Card)
  • Confirmation that Registration Part 1 is complete (print out from MyStudentAdmin)
  • Confirmation of fee payment (print out from online fee payment) or confirmation of your funding source (letter from financial provider)
UCC Graduates
  • Confirmation that Registration Part 1 is complete (print out from MyStudentAdmin)
  • Confirmation of fee payment (print out from your online fee payment) or confirmation of funding source (letter from financial provider)
  Students wishing to register in their married name need to supply their marriage certificate or their passport stating their married name.


*Certified True Copies may be obtained by bringing the original document and a photocopy to your University/College, Garda Station (Local Police Station), Solicitor, Courthouse or Commissioner of Oaths and having the photocopy certified and officially stamped as a true copy of the original. Photocopies that are not certified will not suffice.

I can't make it to Registration Part 2. What should I do?

If you are unable to attend your Registration Part 2 slot, you can apply here for late registration. Note: Students who apply for late registration must still complete Registration Part 1 online by the start of Semester 1 (9 September 2019) in order to commence classes.

Where can I find semester dates?

General semester dates can be found here. Please contact your course coordinator for individual start dates if you are unsure. Contact details for your course coordinator may be found on the top of your course prospective page

A timetable for your course will be available at UCC Timetables in August. Please click on the course timetable link and pick your course from the list.

How to I get access to the library and sports facilities?

Once you receive your UCC Student ID card you will have access to facilities such as the Library and Mardyke Sports Arena (for full-time students). You may also need your UCC Student ID card to access certain areas of UCC such as lectures and laboratories.

You will receive your UCC Student ID card on full completion of Registration Part 2.

How can I receive a confirmation of address letter to provide to a bank?

Please contact us with your bank letter request and we will prepare this letter and will let you know when it is ready for collection.

Please Include the following in your correspondence:

  1. The name of the bank for which you need the letter
  2. Your full name
  3. Your student number
  4. The course you are studying in UCC
  5. Your previous address (as on your PAC application)
  6. Your new College Term address

Where else can I find out information about Student life in UCC?

You can find out further information about Student life by visiting the Campus life page by clicking here

You can also visit the website Resources for Education which has details of resources specifically designed to help you, the UCC student, with some of the key generic skills required for life and study in University College Cork, including information on:

  • Reading & Notemaking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Writing & Plagiarism
  • Exams & Assessment
  • ICT Skills
  • Health & Welfare

What does Fitness to Practice mean?

Some students are required to undertake placement and training that involve dealing directly with patients, clients or service users. Since it is of over-riding importance to protect members of the public from harm and to maintain the trust and confidence of the general public in the professions and the University, it is vital that students are deemed fit to practise while on placement. To describe an individual as ‘fit to practise’ in the context of certain professions is to say that he/she possesses the attributes considered necessary in an individual to allow on-going practice as an independent practitioner in the relevant profession.

For further information on Fitness to Practise Policies and Procedures click here

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