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FAQs - Offers on Taught Courses


1)      If I accept an offer on one UCC programme, will I still be considered for my other programme choices?

Yes, you will still be considered for you other UCC programme choices even if you accept an earlier offer on one course choice.   If you are offered your preferred programme choice later, accepting a later offer will mean your original acceptance will be automatically cancelled.


2)      Can I accept more than one offer of a place?

You can only have one acceptance on the system at any time. However, you can change this acceptance to your preferred course choice if that offer is made later.


3)      How do I know if there is a non-refundable deposit to be paid when accepting a place on a course choice?

If a non-refundable deposit is required for acceptance of a course choice, this will be stated clearly in the PAC offer and you will not be able to accept that course choice until you pay your deposit. Where a deposit is not required, you will just be asked to accept the offer.


 4)      If a deposit is required, can it be refunded if I cancel my acceptance on the programme?

If a deposit is required for acceptance of a place on a programme, it is a non-refundable deposit and will not be returned if you cancel your place on the programme.


5)      If I have paid a non-refundable deposit on a course choice and am offered my preferred UCC course choice later, is the deposit transferrable to that course choice?

Yes, if you are offered your preferred UCC course choice after paying a deposit to another UCC course choice, the deposit is transferrable to that UCC course choice.  However, the deposit is not transferrable to subsequent non-UCC course choices.


6)      If I am offered a place on my preferred programme, how do I inform the College that I do not want to pursue my other course choices?

If the first offer that is made is your preferred choice and you do not want to be considered for your remaining choices, you may cancel these choices by clicking on Cancel Application next to each of the other course choices.


7)      If I want to accept a place on the programme but do not wish to pay a deposit yet, how can I secure my place?

If your programme requires a deposit, this has to be paid at the time of acceptance. It is not possible to accept your place without paying the deposit. If you have any queries about this, please contact the Graduate Studies Office on 021 4902876.


8)      If I get my full fees paid through a Scholarship or through SUSI, can I claim back my deposit?

Yes, if you register for your programme and your fees have been paid in full by SUSI or through another scholarship, the Fees Office will refund your deposit.

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