Postgraduate Flexi-Options

What is a Flexi-Option module?

Whether you want to study simply for interest and personal enjoyment, to sample a subject area before committing to further study, to get ahead at work or to meet specific professional requirements, then modules from one of our postgraduate courses may be suitable for you. We offer a wide choice of modules in a broad range of subjects across the disciplines within the university.  

In order to decide on which flexi-option suits your requirements please refer to the online prospectus and also maybe contact the course co-ordinator in advance of applying. Certain modules are not available as a flexi-option as they require a pre-requisite module to be taken or capacity on the full course is limited.  

In order to register for a flexi-option module, i.e. a stand alone module you need to meet the entry requirements of the full programme that the module stems from and need to meet programme entry criteria. 

The fee for the flexi-options is calculated by the fees office in advance of registering for the module.  You can study up to 20 credits worth of individual modules and you may be eligible for an exemption from that module should you be accepted and register for the full programme within a certain timeframe.

As a registered UCC student, you have access to campus facilities and to the academic stimulation of the module peer group.  On successful completion of the module, students receive a transcript of results. This is your certificate of attendance, an official record of having completed the module. 

How To Apply?

Candidates who satisfy the full course eligibility criteria may, subject to the approval of the Course Co-Ordinator, be permitted to take individual modules from courses as per the UCC Book of Modules. 

These flexi-options may be available depending on the capacity on the course, so please first contact the Course Co-Ordinator before submitting any application.  Application for Flexi-Options opens for Sem I/II at the applicable re-opening of the academic cycle 2022/2023. Next intake is scheduled for Semester II modules.  Please make an application for Sem I or Sem II modules a month prior to the commencement of your module start.  Please check present provisional Book of Modules for information; https://www.ucc.ie/admin/registrar/modules/ 


Updated form PostGradFlexi-Options App Form

FLEXI OPTION PAYMENT LINK  to enable payment of application fee of €35.00

Email: cpdgraduatestudies@ucc.ie



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