Electronic Thesis Submission - 6 Jan 2020

Research Thesis Submission Processes are Going Digital 


The two research submission processes will be electronic from 6 January 2020:

  • Submission of thesis for examination, formerly "soft-bound submission", will be PDF ONLY from 6 January 2020.
  • Submission of final thesis, formerly "hardbound submission", will be ELECTRONIC ONLY (PDF/Word) from 6 January 2020. 


Research Students will be emailed a link to their umail account to upload their thesis online. 



All research thesis submissions made before 6 January 2020 will follow the current paper-based system: CURRENT SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS HERE.

How will it work?

The digitisation of thesis submission is aimed at improving the student journey, promoting sustainability and increasing efficiency in the research examination process. From 6 January 2020, all research theses will be submitted online. The electronic process will replace current paper-based practice which requires each research student to submit two soft-bound theses for examination and one final hardbound thesis to the Graduate Studies Office.


Benefits for Students

From the student perspective, this means less printing, less cost and more convenience – no more rushing to the Graduate Studies Office on submission day!

  • Students will save an estimated €230 each in printing costs.
  • Students will be able to submit their research thesis securely from any location worldwide with internet access.
  • Students will benefit from a faster dissemination of theses for examination.
  • Students will support the sustainability mandate of the university.


Benefits for Staff

  • Examiners will have secure access to submitted thesis from any location worldwide with internet access.
  • Examiners will have the opportunity to make and share comments easily via secure web-based software.
  • Examiners will support UCC’s sustainability mandate in reducing unnecessary use of paper in our research examination process.

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