Welcome to the Mature Student Office page.  If this is the start of your research on third level undergraduate degree options, then I want to congratulate you on taking the first step! It is not an easy decision to embark on a full-time degree but I can tell you from my own experience that it is a very rewarding and life changing journey.  I was a mature student and I graduated with a BA Psychology (Hons) in 2002.  I understand that this is a major decision for you and that perhaps you have some concerns about studying at university level.  In this website I will give you as much information as I can to help you to make an informed decision.

A mature student is defined as a person who is at least 23 years of age on 1st January of the year of entry to the university. There is no upper age limit.

We have a long history of welcoming mature students to UCC. Today there are over 1,200 full-time undergraduate mature students studying across all of the 55 degree programmes available in the University. You will be in good company.

If you have concerns about studying and ask yourself questions such as: am I academically able for the challenge? Can I afford the fees? Will I be the oldest person in my class?  Have I got what it takes? Please read through our website for the answers to these questions and to put your mind at ease. For inspiration and encouragement read testimonials from mature student graduates in the Mature Student Office Booklet (Click here for link) and you will see what is possible!


Each degree programme has entry criteria to be met and you can find that information in our Mature Student Guide (Click here fo link).  Your motivation and determination to succeed is a critical factor in your success here in UCC as mature student. If you really want the degree then with commitment and hard work you will achieve it!

Mature Students make a unique contribution to the academic and social life of the university.  There is no stereotypical mature student; they come from a variety of backgrounds, have a wide and eclectic range of interests and have experienced many different lifestyles and careers.  They bring an enormous diversity of experiences with them, which means that they enrich not only the mature student community, but also the university as a whole.

Mary O'Sullivan, Mature Student Officer, UCC, Cork


Please note that the application process for the 2016 academic year through the CAO (www.cao.ie) is open and it will close on February 1st 2016 at 5.15pm.

A reminder for those who have applied for following degree programmes - CK101 to CK118: Remember to register for your MSAP assessment now on www.msap-ireland.acer.edu.au.  Closing date for applying for the MSAP is February 7th 2016.

To discuss degree options, the application process, entry requirements and entry assessments, fees or grants please phone 021 4903670 and ask to speak to Mary or Gary.  Alternative you can request a Mature Student Guide (Click here fo link)or an appointment online click to following(Click here for link)



'Celebrating Ten Years with the Mature Student Office'

The office has a long tradition of supporting mature students through their academic journey in the University. This publication will give you an insight into what it has been like for some of the mature students who have successfully completed their academic journey with us.

Celebrating Ten Years with the Mature Student Office (4,423kB)





Gary Mulcahy

Name:  Gary Mulcahy

Position:   Acting Mature Student Officer

Telephone No.:   00 353 (0)21 490 3671

Email:   g.mulcahy@ucc.ie or mso@ucc.ie


‌‌Damian Butler

Name:  Damian Butler

Position:   Mature Student Retention and Educational Support Officer

Telephone No.:   00 353 (0)21 490 2141

Email:   damian.butler@ucc.ie or msosupport@ucc.ie


Carol Kennedy

Name:  Carol Kennedy

Position:   Executive Assistant

Telephone No.:   00 353 (0)21 490 1873

Email:   c.kennedy@ucc.ie


Mature Student Office - Statement of Service

The Mature Student Office provides a consultation and advice service to prospective students, gives help and advice on the application procedure and provides support services for Mature Students who are registered on current degree programmes.

Support offered by the MSO for registered students

Academic difficulties: Academic support offered by the MSO will be assessed on a case by case basis. If the difficulty is within the academic sphere then we may need to consult with relevant staff in your department to assess your support needs and your permission will be required for this.

Financial Difficulties: The UCC Budgetary Advisor is available to advise students who are experiencing financial difficulties.  Contact Evan Healy on 021 4902151 or make an appointment on -  http://www.ucc.ie/en/studentbudget/budgetingappointment/ .  The Student Assistance Fund is a means tested financial support for students experiencing financial hardship.  For more information click http://www.ucc.ie/en/saf/ .

Other difficulties that impact on a student’s ability to study: Life crisis can occur at any time and can take many forms.  We, in the MSO, are well aware that for mature students balancing home/work and study can be difficult.  We are available to listen to your particular issue and point you in the right direction to get help and support.  Sometimes we can help a student to successfully address an issue immediately and other times the difficulty may be beyond our resources and other service areas within the University may be required.


The information that you provide within MSO is confidential to the office.

Information given to a staff member by you will not be disclosed to others outside of the office without your consent, except in the following exceptional circumstances:

  1. If there is a serious concern that there may be a threat to the safety or life of you or others.
  2. In the context of criminal behaviour and disclosures required by legal process.
  3. In the context of child protection issues.

In the above exceptional circumstances, it may become necessary to break confidentiality.

In the context of such exceptional circumstances information may be given to the appropriate third parties without the students consent. Every reasonable effort will be made by staff to inform the student of their intended actions. However, protecting the safety of the student and the safety of others takes precedence.

Apart from the exceptional circumstances previously specified, information is shared with other services / third parties only with the students consent.

Complaints Policy If you have a complaint about the Mature Student Office please follow our complaint policy procedures here

Feedback We would appreciate frank feedback on your experience as a user of MSO, so that we may evaluate and develop the support delivered to students.

Mary O Sullivan

Mature Student Officer


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