First Year Check-in at UCC

Do you feel a sense of belonging?

As you start your university learning journey this term, we recognise that getting settled into your programmes will require you to adapt and adjust to a completely new way of working and learning. 

To help monitor your own progress, and to support the University in understanding how new students are adapting to UCC, we have developed an app-based survey specifically designed to keep in touch with all new first-year students for the duration of semester one. 

The study is called ‘First-year Check-in at UCC’ and invites you to take part in a weekly short survey, which takes less than 2 minutes to complete, to help us understand more about how you are settling into your studies at UCC in three ways,

  1. Belongingness: to the degree to which students are feeling a sense of belongingness to the university and or programme of study.  
  2. Engagement: the degree to which students are engaging with student peers and or teaching and support staff
  3. Self-Confidence: the level of confidence in your abilities to achieve your goals at university

The information from the survey will be used in two ways.  Firstly, the University will receive anonymised data from all those who participant, helping us to refine and target information on activities and resources that might help students during the first semester.  Secondly, each participant will be able to view their own level of Belongingness, Engagement and Self-Confidence on the app, and monitor their progress throughout the semester.

How to get involved

To join, simply download the app by searching for AthenaCx in your app store.  Once downloaded, select “First-Year Check-in at UCC” to participate.  The first stage of participation is the “on boarding survey” which asks some basic questions to help classify the responses. Following that, you will be invited every Monday to participate in a short survey (less than 2 minutes) until the end of Semester one.  Remember, there are no right or wrong answers- just tell us how you’re feeling.  

University Student Surveys Board

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