Staying Healthy

The Student Health Department has generated a range of PowerPoint presentations that have been uploaded to the internet and are now available for use. They cover a range of topics and include presentations which are narrated as well as non-narrated.

Included in the presentations available at the moment are: advice on how to recognise depression,with pathways to recovery,tips for smokers who wish to stop smoking, an outline of the HPV vaccination programme in the department, and a narrated summary of a recent study of the use of alcohol and drugs among students attending the Student Health Department in UCC.

If there are areas which you would like to see covered in this presentation format, or if you have any comments on our health information videos, please contact us at

Most people use the Internet as one of their first ports of call when looking for health information. One of the resources we use in Student Health is the website.

You can use their search tool below to help you in your preliminary research, but beware and avoid the trap of self-diagnosis. The tool may best be used to help you find reliable patient information leaflets about a condition.

Moving from the "Era of the Witch-Doctor" to the "Era of the Wiki-Doctor"?

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