Medical Cards

Only about 10% of the student body is entitled to a medical card (GMS). The Student Health Department is not a Medical Card Practice. All medical card holders should register with a Cork based GMS doctor. If you hold a medical card and attend the student health department, medication prescribed by the doctor will not be on a GMS prescription and you will be charged the full amount on presentation of that prescription to the pharmacist.

A Medical Card entitles the holder to free consultation and in certain circumstances to free prescriptions and free hospitilisation. Students are not entitled to a Medical Card unless their parents have such a card, but mature students i.e. over 24 years of age could be entitled to a card in their own right depending on income. It is necessary to apply to the Community Care Department of the Southern Health Board, Abbey Court House, Georges Quay, Cork. Telephone 021 4965511.


A list of FAQs to help you consider if you may be entitled to a Medical Card:

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