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About the App


The UCC COVID App has been developed to help users conduct a self-check for before attending on site in the University. 

This app was created to keep the UCC community safe and well; staff and students can download and use the app ahead of attending campus.

Benefits of using the App

  1. It lessens the chances of you attending on-site when you might have COVID
  2. It enables UCC Student Health provide you with prompt appropriate advice where needed.

Data Security

The app is GDPR compliant. UCC Student Health alone has access to the data you enter. Where required to assist in possible cluster or outbreak situations, UCC Student Health will share this data with HSE Public Health and Contact Tracing Services. Further detail is available on the Data Protection Notice for the app. 

Who the App is for

The UCC Covid App can be used by current staff members, and registered UCC students not already using the UCC Clinical Students App. 

How to access the App

Mobile Access

For convenience, you should install the UCC Covid App on your mobile device. It can also be accessed from your PC or laptop. The UCC Covid Tracker and Day Pass App is a Microsoft Power App. Microsoft Power Apps are available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store .

In order to access the UCC Covid App you must first access and download Power Apps. Power Apps is available to you through your UCC O365 Account.  Once you have downloaded and opened the Power Apps on your device, you will be prompted to enter your unique UCC Office 365 ID . You can then select and install the UCC Covid App and begin using it immediately.

You can also acess the app on your laptop or desktop by clicking here

Trouble Shooting the App

As with all technology from time to time you may experience issues. 

The UCC App does not appear in Power Apps

You need to be a registered student or current staff member for the app to appear. If you are not a registered student or staff member or you do not use a UCC email address when logging into Power Apps, then the app will not appear. The app will not appear for those students already using the UCC Clinical Students COVID App.


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