Enhancing Student Personal and Professional Development

This group is focusing on:

  • Widening awareness of the diploma supplement linked to student achievement, including the UCC Works award, therefore increasing the number of students learning through co-curricular experiences, enhancing employability.
  • Developing strategies to increase support for students who work part time (particularly on campus work) whilst studying.
  • Exploring the uses of e-based personal development plans and portfolios.
  • Exploring the awarding of credits for extracurricular learning and development.
  • Developing a cross university modular program focused on student development.
  • Increasing links to UCC alumni to enhance student employability activity.

Outcomes to date include:

  • UCC Works Award now being recorded on the Diploma Supplement 
  • New part-time jobs portal, MyStudentJob.ie, launched in collaboration with the SU
  • Summary Student Development Mapping document completed.
  • Scoping a university-wide student personal and professional development module 


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