Online Supports for Students

  • CALM (Computer Aided Lifestyle Management) - Five multi-media cognitive behavioural online programmes on: Stress, Anxiety, Mild Depression, Insomnia, Drink and Drug Misuse  
  • ePUB - The electronic Personal Use Barometer (e-PUB) is a brief self-assessment that provides students with accurate, detailed and personalized feedback on their use of alcohol 
  • ifightdepression - This is a guided self-help on-line CBT programme that is available free of charge and students attending a doctor are referred to use this CBT tool as one of the options for those suffering from mild-moderate depression
  • My Mind Matters – My Mind Matters is an online mental health and wellbeing portal which is available free to students 24/7 
  • RED (Resources for Education– These resources were specifically designed to help UCC students with some of the key generic skills required for life and study in UCC:
    1. Getting Started,
    2. Tech Tips,
    3. Reading & Notetaking,
    4. Critical Thinking,
    5. Writing & Plagiarism,
    6. Exams & Assessment 
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