Online Supports for Students

Online Supports for Students


  • ePUB - The electronic Personal Use Barometer (e-PUB) is a brief self-assessment that provides students with accurate, detailed and personalized feedback on their use of alcohol 
  • ifightdepression - This is a guided self-help on-line CBT programme that is available free of charge and students attending a doctor are referred to use this CBT tool as one of the options for those suffering from mild-moderate depression
  • Participate is
    • an UCC online programme for Building Confidence, shyness and social anxiety
    • It’s free to students in UCC
    • And proven to be effective

    Just go to to see if this is for you.

    The programme uses cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques and is proven to help overcome social anxiety and increase confidence. 

    You can visit the site, test your social anxiety, and see how the programme works by doing the Introductory module.  If you want, you can then apply to do the programme.

  • which contains the following online supports:                                                                       1. Various Cognitive Behavioural programmes containing in-depth information, exercises, worksheets and activities that are designed to help students overcome many common mental wellbeing issues                                                                                                                         2. A complete online course in mindfulness.  Developing mindfullness helps students deal with stress                                                             3. A large library of self-help books (many available here online) that can help students through difficult times, change behaviours and build coping skills and resilience                                                                                                                                                                         4. An online mental health and wellbeing resource for third level students in Ireland with information on a wide variety of issues
  • Information including podcasts, posters and videos on assistive technology and related subjects

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