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Budgeting is when you identify how much money you will receive during the budgeting period, evaluate all possible expenses, and then plan accordingly so that you stay within the budgetary restraints established, ie don't spend money that you won't have!

Budgeting is a simple and practical way of making your money "elastic", that is making it stretch as long as possible. It will help you manage your finances so that you don't struggle financially!

Download our Budgeting worksheet 2016/17or Budgeting handbook, and make an appointment to see the Budgetary Advisor.

From financial issues to academic issues to personal issues, college life can be very stressful for students and for many, their college days are far being "the best days of your life".

If you are having problems, you should talk about it!

Talk to your friends and family about it.

Talk to your lecturers, your course year co-ordinator, UCC staff member.

If you are really struggling, talk to student health and counselling here in UCC in a safe and confidential environment.

Student life in UCC can be as expensive or as cheap as you make it

With good budgeting practices and "sensible sacrifices", you can cut back on your costs without affecting your student experience in UCC

Here are breakdowns of potential costs for undergraduate and postgraduate students

There are lots of aids available for students.

Check out the useful links, budgeting tips and budgeting tools section for practical help.

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