How to use Workvivo

What are the main features of Workvivo?

Workvivo is not too different from Facebook. It allows you to

  • post updates,
  • create events and news,
  • maintain a personal profile
  • join and manage groups (which we call “Spaces” in Workvivo)
  • use the app launcher to access commonly used UCC apps (o365, Canvas, Agresso, Panopto and more) from within Workvivo 

The platform is safe, and easy to use and a great way to keep connected with colleagues in your department or across the organisation.

Logging in

Workvivo, like many of UCC’s other IT systems, allows you to use your existing UCC credentials to log in. Simply visit and enter your UCC username and password when prompted.

Posting an update

Once you’ve logged in, you will be presented with your “Activity Feed”. Above this feed, is the “What’s Going On?” box – simply select this box and enter the text and content of your update.  

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Before posting

  1. Use an image or video: visual content is compelling and will help to get your message out to fellow users
  2. Less is more: text heavy posts look daunting and clog up the activity feed. Keep your message to a few lines where possible. For complex content, link to a web page or a PDF
  3. Think about the who: You can post an update to the global feed for all the university to see but if the content is more suited to a specific group, perhaps it is more suited to a specific Space – you can choose the audience before you post your content
  4. Tone: Remember, this is a social space but also still a work space – you are speaking to your colleagues and representing your school or department

The finer details

  • Titles: Use "Prof." or "Professor" not "prof"; Use "Dr" not "Dr."
  • Capitals: Used to start sentences, for job titles and for specific event titles but not used to emphasise words
  • Dates: Use “20 June 2020” or “Thursday 20 June” not “20th of June or June 20th”.
  • Time: Use “2pm or 2-4pm” not “14.00, 2.00pm or ‘2pm – 4pm’”
  • First/Second/Third person: Use “AVMS would like to invite you to an info session” not “We would like to invite you to an information session” – this is for clarity as to whom you are posting on behalf of

Once you’ve composed your post, select “Post” to send your post to the activity feed. 

Editing a post

To change something in a post you’ve created, select the “” control and choose “Edit Post”. If you wish to delete the post, choose the “Delete Post” option from the same control.

Editing a post on workvivo

What are Spaces and how do we use them?

What are spaces? What kinds of spaces are there in Workvivo?
How do I get a space? Administering a space

What are spaces?

Spaces allow us to create areas within Workvivo for people to come together around a specific topic, theme or interest, where conversations and collaboration can happen outside of the global UCC workvivo platform. For those of you who are familiar with Facebook, Spaces are not a million miles away from Facebook groups.

Each space has its own activity feed, news articles, events and members and are managed by a space admin (or admins).

The activity of a space is only visible to people who have specifically joined a space. Spaces can be open to all UCC staff or a space admin can control it so that only specific people can join.

What kinds of spaces are there in UCC’s Workvivo?

We have a number of different kinds of space:

  1. Purely social space: Spaces like Pets, Sports and Social Club, Book Club, Golf etc are an effective way to connect colleagues with a common interest who may otherwise not be connected. These spaces are usually open to all to join.
  2. Private Support Groups: For support groups that operate on campus discreetly.  For example there might be a support group for parents of children with special needs that would love a safe, supportive but private and discreet space to meet, share info and connect - the only public element would be the moderators putting the call out to staff in general. We can facilitate such a group through Workvivo.
  3. Personal Interest, Professional Value: Spaces where people may not have a role obligation to be involved but whose support and involvement will undoubtedly bring value to the specific campaign or initiatives.  For example, Green Campus is such a space, keeping its members informed on the work of the campaign and, also, how they can integrate good practice into their everyday work and lives. The members of such spaces may become ambassadors or champions for those campaigns and projects.
  4. Private Professional Spaces: We can also create private professional social spaces where units and groups can share news, shout outs and affirmation. You may want to create a group where people doing the same job in different areas of the university can come together to share their experiences and thoughts. Howerver, if you are looking for a place to share work files and work assets, MS Teams would be a better option.

How do I get a space?

To get a space set up, send an email to with:

  • The name of the space
  • The kind of space (as outlined above)
  • The reason for the space and what you hope to achieve with it
  • Whether membership of the space is open to the whole UCC community or will be by private invite only
  • The name of the person who you want to act as primary admin, and a secondary back-up admin

Administering Spaces

If you are the administrator of a space you must abide by the Workvivo ground-rules.

Spaces should be vibrant and active. If spaces are not being used actively we may need to close them down. If you do not have the time to run the space and encourage engagement you may want to consider passing administration to a colleague or closing down the space altogether.

Download the Full How To Guide

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