Some ground-rules for using Workvivo

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC)

OMC looks after the Workvivo system. Staff from this area will keep an eye on what is going on within workvivo and provide:

  1. Help and support to people using the system
  2. Guidance on good practice for content on the platform
  3. Monitoring and moderation of content on the platform and ensuring compliance with existing policies that apply.

Individual UCC Staff

Individual UCC Staff will be responsible for the content they add to the platform as well as with making sure they are familiar with and in compliance with the existing policies.

If you have any concerns or want to report something that you don’t think is in compliance with university policies, please email

Moderation of Posts

UCC has a proud tradition of open and independent discourse. We expect this to continue in a respectful way on the Workvivo platform. But if conversations take a turn for the disrespectful, we may need to moderate posts, in accordance with the principles laid out in the acceptable usage policy and the web and social media policy, which may include the removal of posts found to be contrary to our existing principles for this kind of content. 

Nothing in this should be construed as a limitation on academic freedom but rather a recognition of the need to maintain civil and respectful discourse on our internal communications platforms.

Relevant policies

The above is a summary of the key ground-rules. Please make sure you are also familiar with the following policies, which apply to the internal communications platform: 

Notice for Users of UCC’s Internal Communications Platform - Workvivo

1. Purpose

Providing an effective and engaging internal communications platform to university staff relies upon the cooperation of platform users. Therefore, it is important that you, as the user, understand your responsibilities.

The purpose of this document is to provide all users with clear information for acceptable use of the university’s Workvivo internal communications platform.

2. Scope

This Notice applies to all users of the university’s Workvivo internal communications platform which includes, without limitation, its desktop and application (accessed on site or remotely). Nothing in this note shall be construed as a limitation of the academic function of the university.

3. Platform Management

 The Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) are responsible for managing the Workvivo internal communications platform including:

  • Monitoring use of the platform to ensure no university policies are breached;
  • Acting on any breaches to university policy;
  • Reviewing requests for new spaces on the internal communications platform;
  • Providing an internal communications training and style guide to users for content integrity;
  • Escalating compliance issues with respect to legal and regulatory standards including accessibility, security, data protection and freedom of information;
  • Recommending and managing the development of additional design templates, features, and functionality for UCC’s internal communications platform, or changes to existing design templates, features, and functionality.

4. Platform Usage

The university Workvivo internal communications platform is the sole property of UCC; while staff will have access to post content, create new content, and remove old content, the site remains the property of the university.

Users of UCC’s internal communications platform must always use the site and application in a responsible manner, having due regard for the right and reputation of the University and its staff. Users are required to comply with the terms of all university policies including but not limited to the Acceptable Usage Policy and the Web and Social Media Policy.

Before posting content on the internal communication platform, users should consider the permanent online footprint they are creating in doing so. The nature of the Internet provides unique opportunities for copying and dissemination of information, regardless of the originator’s intentions. Users should think carefully about whether they are happy for their information to be made available in this manner, not just now, but into the future. The potential for copying information on the Internet makes it difficult to permanently delete user information.

In the event of discovering a posting on the UCC Workvivo internal communications platform that is thought to contravene the UCC Acceptable Usage policy and/or the UCC Web and Social Media Policy, notice must be sent to to have the posting removed.

The posting will be reviewed in line with the terms of the Notice and Takedown section of the Web and/or Social Media Policy.

5. Compliance with University Policies

When using this platform users should ensure compliance with all relevant university policies and procedures including but not limited to:

The university reserves the right, as per the Web and Social Media Policy, to monitor, intercept and review, without notice, the postings and activities of staff, where there is reason to suspect that a University Policy is being breached, or where deemed necessary by the university for other legitimate reasons.


Workvivo Internal Communications Platform

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