A little bit about Workvivo

What is Workvivo?

Workvivo is a new communications platform where UCC staff can engage with others within the wider UCC community, learn about university news and events as well as post their own school or departmental updates.

Workvivo is open, easy to use and the most effective way for UCC staff to reach out to the UCC community.

You can log into Workvivo with your UCC credentials: https://ucc.workvivo.com/.

Why Workvivo?

We are bringing Workvivo to the UCC community to address the need for an up-to-date and fit for purpose internal communications platform. Workvivo will allow us to build a cohesive community by bringing our people and ideas together in a central space. It is a place to connect with colleagues and keep up to date with what's going on in UCC. It's also an effective alternative to the current email circulation list. 

We are very pleased to introduce Workvivo to the UCC community & we hope you make the most of this new, dynamic platform.


Why should I use Workvivo?

Engaging with Workvivo will enable UCC staff to keep connected and to reach out directly to the UCC network with updates on departmental activity, research achievements, news and events. The platform brings great value to the UCC community, through the benefits of social media like usablity that will allow them to stay connected on their own terms and timeframes. 

Keeping connected is central to what we do as a university, and we believe that the Workvivo platform is the most effective forum for the exchange of ideas, news and events in UCC.


Workvivo Internal Communications Platform

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