About the School

The School of Sociology, Philosophy and Criminology

The School of Sociology, Philosophy, Criminology, Government and Politics at University College Cork comprises four Departments – Sociology, Philosophy, Government & Politics, and Study of Religions - and the Discipline of Criminology. These Departments each offer programmes of their own at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and all information on their work and staff can be found on the Departmental websites [links to them]. The Department of Sociology hosts Criminology BA, MA and PhD dgrees. Staff in the School have won praise and prizes in recent years for both their teaching and research from external examiners, research audits and colleagues abroad; and the BA Criminology, the first in Ireland, launched in 2014, is already recognized as a world-class degree, attracting international partnerships.

All teaching in the School is closely inter-related with staff research and devoted to communicating international, up-to-date, knowledge in an accessible manner within an Irish context. Members of the School are actiively engaged with both their global research communities and in the local policy and opinion environment.

The current Head of School is Professor Don Ross. Correspondence concerning the School can be directed to Professor Ross at don.ross931@gmail.com .

School of Society, Politics and Ethics

Room 1.5, T12 YE30