Key Themes

Key Themes

September 15th & 16th, 2011. University College Cork, Ireland

  • Social pathologies; experiences of social change and structural transformation; social inequalities and the social gradient of health; Schismogenesis and pathogenesis.
  • Contemporary civilization and its discontents; neuroses, psychoses and the symptoms of our zeitgeist; hyper-individuation, narcissism, and the mass-psychology of neo-liberalism; principled relations to excess.
  • Medicalization and the hegemony of biomedical and psychiatric perspectives; Care, the caring professions, and caring for carers; managerialism in health care, molecular biopolitics, and the socio-technics of governance.
  • Beauty, grace and human flourishing; Art and music therapies; pathways to recovery and experiences of transformation; spirituality, meaningfulness, and well-being; Asian, traditional and non-western formulations of health & well-being.
  • Social constructions of pathology; disabling society (dis)abilities, and difference.Holism, Ecology, Nature and sustainability; the normal and the pathological; ‘grey zones’ and equilibrium; Integrity and corruption in social and bodies politic; Healthy communities, cities & societies; exemplary models of good health and the good life.

Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilisation

Kieran Keohane, The School of Sociology & Philosophy, University College Cork, Ireland