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Seminars 2017-18

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Autumn 2017


7th September                     Out of Africa Symposium, with Michael Ugarte, Brad Epps, Carlos Garrido Castellano, Juan Tomás and Bahía Mahmud Ahwa.       


22nd September                   Carlos Garrido Castellano (AHGBI Visiting Fellow) – Contemporary Caribbean Art and Civic Engagement


29th September                    Eva Espasa (University of Vic, Catalonia) – Translating Multilingual Films in the 21st Century: The Trafilm Project          


13th October                          Teresa Basile (Uni of La Plata) - La narrativa de HIJOS: la infancia bajo la dictadura argentina y las políticas de la memoria en la 2da generación


24th October                         Jennifer Arnold (University of Birmingham) – Yawning at Foreign Literature?: Reader Responses to Catalan Literature in Translation


10th November                     Galician Symposium – New Research on Galician Migrations

                                                David Miranda Barreiro (Bangor) – Galician New York: Migration, Exile, Globalisation

                                               Maria Alonso (Edinburgh) – Migrants, transmigrants and Postmigrants: the new Galician diaspora in an age of crisis


17th November                     Lisa Shaw (University of Liverpool) - Afro-Brazilian performance on Rio de Janeiro’s popular stages from the 1880s to the long 1920s   


1st December                       Helena Buffery (UCC) – Cultural Trauma Narratives in/and Translation




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