Seminar Series & Events

Seminar Programme 2016-2017Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, University College Cork
Semester 1 
9th SeptemberMaría Mondéjar (Murcia) - "El neologismo: NEOMA (Diccionario de neologismos del español actual)"
21st SeptemberLivia Maria Reis (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil) - "El mar sin fronteras: Haiti es aquí"
23rd-24th SeptemberRe-encountering the Canon: Literary Translation and Contemporary Iberia. Guest speakers include: Marta Marín-Domine (Canada), Peter Bush (UK), David Johnston (QUB)
26th SeptemberLawrence Venuti (Temple University) - "Translation, Publishing, and World Literature: J.V. Foix’s Daybook 1918 and the Strangeness of Minority". Part of IRC New Foundations workshop on Translation and Activism, organised by Dr Caroline Williamson (UCC).
30th SeptemberDerek Dalton (Flinders University) - "A Criminologist's Encounter with ESMA and the'Dirty War': Reflections on Emptiness and Art"
8th OctoberErica Rodrigues Fontes (Universidade Federal do Piauí, Brazil) - "Boal in the Classroom: How to use his theatre techniques to teach literature"
14th OctoberMiramar comes to Cork: A Symposium on the Legacy of Ramon Llull. Guest speaker: Catalan writer Francesc Serès. Round-table with Stephen Boyd, Cathal de Brugha, Aman Sondy and Stefan Reynolds
19th OctoberISLA extendido: Readings with Mónica Ríos (Chile) and Paula Varsarfsky (Argentina)
18th NovemberLaurence White (Plymouth University) - "Rhythm and the word boundary problems: Cross-linguistic studies"
25th-27th NovemberGolden Age Symposium, organised by Stephen Boyd
Semester 2 
3rd FebruaryFernanda Rabela (Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia Fluminense, Brazil): "Brazil and United States in a Time of War: the Good Neighborhood Policy and Inter-American Relations during World War Two"
17th FebruaryAna Claudia Suriani (UCL) - "Fashion in translation from image to written clothing"
3rd MarchPostcolonial Approaches to the Portuguese-speaking world with Filipe Menezes (Maynooth) and Nélia Alexandre (Lisbon)
31st MarchMApproaches to Translation Corpora - Laura Linares and Ed McWhinney (PhD presentations, UCC)
28th AprilSymposium on Languages of Migration and Diaspora in Contemporary Spain, organised by Dr Seana Ryan
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