Posgraduate Students

Current Students


Nadia Albadalejo. Interartistic approaches to the work of Remedios Varo  

Eva Cabrejas. Encuentros creativos de las mujeres indígenas chiapanecas: Ciber-cultura  y Resistencia 

Fiona Clancy. Trauma and the Moral Subject in contemporary Argentine cinema 

Emer Clifford. Representations of gender violence in contemorary Mexican visual culture   

Rhys Davies. Impunity and power relations in the contemporary Colombian detective novel  

Ronan Deasy. Fan-subtitling in Spain: A subversive art-form or a pioneering frontier in online cross-cultural transfer?

Pedro Nilsson-Fernàndez Dorado. Digitally Mapping the Relationship between Manuel de Pedrolo's Narrative and the Catalan National Literary Space  

Yairen Jerez Columbié. Writing identities and imaginary worlds: The literature of Catalan intellectuals in Cuba during the first half of the twentieth century 

Francis Kelly. In his Majesty's Secret Service? Captain Francisco de Cuéllar and the Imperial Designs of the Spanish Monarchy 

Laura Linares. Mediating Minority: A Corpus-based Study on the Translation of Galician Literature into English 

Claudia Loenze. A comparative critical discourse analysis of narratives of migration in the media  

Jacinta McKeon. Use of the target language in the German and Spanish language secondary classroom in Ireland.  

Ed McWhinney. Trends in the Translation and Reception of Contemporary Spanish Narrative in the Anglophone World 

Estefanía Muñoz. A needs annalysis-based study of translation practice in the multilingual workplace 

Siobhán Nally. Linguistic theory and methodological Options as reflected in ELE manuals 

Craig Neville. A Diachronic Corpus- based comparative study of dubbing practice in Catalonia and Galicia 

Cian Warfield. Indigenous Movements and Politics in Mexico and Bolivia

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