Estefania Munoz


Translation Competence at Work: A Case Study of Commercial Translation in a Multilingual Professional Context.

Estefanía Muñoz Gomez is a PhD candidate and a College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences Excellence Scholar under the supervision of Dr Helena Buffery (Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies) and Dr Barbara Siller (Department of German). She holds an MA in Languages and Cultures from the same college and a degree in Translation & Interpreting (Applied Languages Europe) from the University of Granada. Her research interests are translation competence, translator training and education, and the translation profession. As both a language teacher and a professional translator, she is also interested in the teaching and learning of these two disciplines and was awarded the 2017 CACSSS PhD Essay Prize for a discussion on the relationship between them.

PhD Project Description

Translation Competence at Work: A Case Study of Commercial Translation in a Multilingual Professional Context

This is an ethnographically-oriented, workplace-based case study of commercial translation in a multilingual company, with a view to shedding light on practices that may go unnoticed in translator training, as well as on the influence of a given institutional context on the phenomenon of translation. The aim of the study is threefold: to examine translational practices explicitly or implicitly performed in the specific setting of a multilingual private organization; to explore the profiles of those who perform said activities, as well as the values and beliefs they hold about their professional role and associated language skills; and to investigate how, if at all, the specific organizational context is reflected in the way translational products and processes are carried out and assessed. This project sets out to produce new insights into existing and evolving attitudes, skills and practices, as well as to inform the development of appropriate training and assessment of multilingual competence.


Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

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