Certificate in Languages


This a part-time programme taken over one or two academic years. It involves the study of two languages (from Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) at levels from ab initio (beginner) to advanced. In determining the appropriate modules to be taken in each of the languages, recognition will be given for prior learning, which will also be referred to in advising of applicant’s general suitability for the programme.

The programme will broaden participants’ horizons by allowing them to engage with different cultures. It will also prepare them to play their part in the national strategy to up-skill the work force, with specific reference to the need for the linguistic skills which will contribute to export-driven economic recovery, and which are a specific regional skills requirement for the expanding Global Shared Services sector.  

The programme is designed to appeal to three main groups of students: (i) post-Leaving Certificate students who, in advance of embarking on their chosen degree programme, wish to gain a stand-alone qualification in languages, which will, for example, provide them with the language skills needed to exploit to the full the opportunities for Erasmus mobility in their degree programme: language skills and the maturity and independence acquired through study abroad are recognised by prospective employers as an important part of the educational experience; (ii) mature students who wish to improve existing language skills and/or learn new languages for personal development or career reasons; (iii) students currently registered on UCC degree programmes may apply for permission to take the certificate over two academic years, as an additional 10 credits per academic year (i.e. one language per year).

Programme Requirements:

Students take 20 credits as follows (10 credits each from two languages)

CHINESE: CH1001 Chinese Language (Mandarin) 1, CH2001 Chinese Language (Mandarin) 2, CH3000 Chinese Language (Mandarin) 3 (10 credits per module)

FRENCH: FR0105, FR1101, Foundation Course in Written and Oral French, FR1105, FR1107, FR2101, Advanced French Language I, FR2105, FR2107, FR4101 Advanced Use of French (10 credits per module)

GERMAN: GE1101 Integrated Language Course, GE1103 Integrated Written and Oral Language Course for Beginners, GE2101 Integrated Language Course, GE2801 Integrated Language Course, GE2901 Integrated Language Course, GE3101 Advanced Integrated Language Course GE3801 Advanced Integrated Language Course, GE3901 Advanced Integrated Language Course (10 credits per module)

ITALIAN: IT1101 Introduction to Written and Spoken Italian, IT1109 Introduction to Written and Spoken Italian, IT2101 Intermediate Italian Language, IT3101 Advanced Italian Language (10 credits per module)

PORTUGUESE: PU1101 Portuguese Beginners Language (10 credits)

SPANISH: HS0028 Spanish Language (Beginner Level), HS0128 Spanish Improvers, HS1102 First Year Spanish Language for Non-Beginners, HS2101 Second year Spanish Language Course (Ex-Beginners), HS2102 Second Year Spanish Language Course (Ex non-Beginners) HS3001 Final Year Spanish Language (10 credits per module)

For module descriptions please check our online Book of Modules 

If you wish to discuss your options, please contact the Programme Co-ordinator, Dr Mark Chu, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (m.chu@ucc.ie).

Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

First Floor - Block B East O'Rahilly Building University College Cork Ireland