Referring Clients to the Clinic

Referring Clients to the Clinic


The referral process used by the South Lee Speech and Language Therapy Department is followed in most cases.

In the case of children of UCC staff members or students the following procedure is followed:

Referrals from parents or other health care professionals can be accepted over the phone (Clinic Reception: 021- 4901579). A referral form must be filled in.Referrals may be deemed inappropriate if the client attends a specialist service, is in receipt of services elsewhere or is not an appropriate referral to a generalist service.Teachers need to obtain parental consent and complete a preschool/school referral form.Referral forms are sent to the secretary in City General for processing and are allocated a file number by the secretary.  At this time a pre-assessment form is sent by the secretary to the parents of children to be completed and returned.  Address: SLT Department, City General, Infirmary rd., Cork  Phone: 021- 4901579.On receipt of the pre-assessment (blue form) it is to be checked by the clinic administrator.  If it states that a speech and language therapist and/or psychologist or other relevant health professional has previously seen the child, and parents have given their consent, then that professional’s report is to be requested.


In the case of UCC staff members that wish to refer themselves as adult clients, the query is brought to the attention of the Practice Education Coordinator and the lecturing staff in the department of Speech and Hearing Sciences and dealt with on a case by case basis.


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