Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Programmes in Engineering

Undergraduate Programmes in Engineering

4 year degree undergraduate education offered within the School of Engineering Academic Unit are:

Process & Chemical Engineering (CK600PCE) offers students specialisations in pharmaceutical, food and bioprocessing industry, or supply chain engineering & management. The degree includes a six month work placement between third and fourth year.

Civil Engineering (CK600CEE) offers students specialisations in structural engineering and construction, infrastructure and environmental engineering, environmental services in buildings and in informatic systems and engineering management.

Energy Engineering (CK600NRG) is offered to produce Engineers with a skill set targeted at the increasingly important energy sector. Energy engineering involves sourcing, assessing, designing, converting, transmitting and supplying useful energy to meet our needs for electricity, transportation and heating and cooling.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (CK600EEE) offers specialist modules in a broad range of topics including among others; circuit design, signal processing, telecommunications, microelectronic engineering, control engineering, electrical and electronic power supply systems, optoelectronics/photonics and radio frequency electronics, and includes a five month work placement either in Ireland or abroad.

Click here to see how CK600 courses are allocated. CK600 Course Allocation (72kB)

The degree in BSC Architecture (CK606) explores new ways of living, investigates new technologies and materials, and strives to ensure that new buildings, towns and landscapes are environmentally sustainable.

The School also offers the following part-time programs:

The Diploma and Certificate are aimed primarily at those working in the process industries locally (pharmaceutical, food, energy, etc.), both technicians and operatives, as well as scientists and engineers from other disciplines who wish to gain a formal qualification in Process & Chemical Engineering.

Details on discipline specific research and teaching facilities are available by clicking the School of Engineering discipline specific web sites.


Useful Presentations for Current Undergraduates

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Student mentoring in the School of Engineering (2,556kB)

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