UCC Engineering Graduate and her father launch their new APP Tackstak

  • 20 Apr 2017

Engineering graduate, Michelle Donovan (25) and her father Tony are the main drivers behind a plan to allow people to interact with any show, event, service or product using just one mobile app.

TAPSTAK has taken a decision to concentrate on push-button interaction because, despite the fact that technology now has the ability to listen to our spoken needs or even use machine-learning to predict and cater for them without any prompting, such technology has its security and privacy downsides.

TAPSTAK co-founder, Michelle Donovan, said: “As a so-called Millennial, I have always been able to communicate my likes, needs and decisions with an online ‘click’ so I really like how TAPSTAK extends this ability into the real world. TAPSTAK allows people to interact with so many every-day experiences using simple push-button interaction that it almost makes everyday life ‘clickable’.

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