A Master of Sociology postgraduate degree is of interest to those looking for professional growth, new professional options and of course a career in research and university teaching. A master's degree in sociology from the University College Cork is a high-level product or process, preparing students for the pursuit of doctoral studies in the social sciences, or for employment in a variety of sectors including the media, the public service, education, social services, health care, public administration, public policy, and the non-governmental sector.

The Department of Sociology also offers an MA in the Sociology of Development and Globalisation.  

The Department of Sociology runs and contributes substantially to the MA in Criminologyalongside Law and Applied Social Studies, and is a major participant in the M.Plan (Planning and Sustainable Development). 

Finally, we sociologists offer lectures to the MA in Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies, the MA in Film Studies, and the MA in Women's Studies.  






You will have the option of adding a year to this three-year degree by studying abroad in Year 3. You would return to UCC to complete your final year.

UCC currently has links with universities in the following countries: Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden Mexico, and the USA.

The Programme Director has specialist criminology links that will be developed and in place well before the year 2016-17, the first year that Year 3 runs. Because undergraduate criminology degrees are very common now in English-speaking countries, this is more than likely to be a reality by then. BUT students should also consider that for 4 years' education it would be perfectly feasible to obtain a BA and an MA Crim. Our BA will be a very strong foundation for the top postgraduate degrees in criminology anywhere in the English-speaking world.

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