For those wishing to pursue professional careers in academia, research, or civil society, the Department of Sociology offers a range of PhD programmes designed to accommodate individual students’ interests and career goals.

PhD Sociology (PAC code: CKG55)

The PhD in Sociology is a classic, research-based PhD programme, most suitable for individuals interested in careers in academia and research, or those desiring to develop expertise in a particular research or issue area. This pathway, it should be noted, includes all doctoral projects in criminology. Over the course of the three to four-year degree, students will benefit from high-quality supervision by some of Ireland’s best-know sociologists and internationally renowned experts, and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of post-graduate seminars, conferences and summer schools. In addition to developing expertise in their individual interest areas, students may also have the opportunity to develop their research and teaching skills through teaching and research assistantships. 

For more information on this programme, please contact Dr. Niamh Hourigan, the Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator, or the Recruitment Officer.

PhD GREP (PAC code: CKH81)

This is a full-time, four-year, taught, structured degree aimed at graduates of sociology, social policy, applied social studies, government, politics, anthropology and cognate disciplines who wish to pursue research in the general areas of globalisation, policy analysis, civil society, the state, active citizenship and culture. The aim of the programme is to produce highly skilled social researchers who can contribute to the development of society and the public sphere either as autonomous social researchers, academics, or critically informed leaders in civil society and statutory or market organisations. For more information on this programme, click here.

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