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The Department of Sociology & Criminology host a regular monthly seminar series. This is a time for all of us (Staff and Postgrads) to come together and share our work and ideas with one another. We want to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere so that we can have some fruitful exchanges and really learn about what each of us are working on to create and contribute to an ongoing conversation. Seminars also help to establish good professional links and contacts, and just generally facilitate our department’s research community.  

The seminars are open to all interested staff and postgraduate students from other departments in the university, and beyond.

2021-2022 Seminars

Coming Up:

May 25th 2022 (2-4pm, CACSSS Seminar Room G27, ORB)

Book launch of Criminal Women - Gender Matters

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June 2nd 2022 (4-5.30pm, Dora Allman room, The Hub)

Dr David Honeywell

Life After Prison: Liminality, identity and who gets to decide how 'moving on' looks like.

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May 9th 2022 (12-1.30pm Boole 3)

Professor Gary Craig

The Racist Tail Wags the Welfare Dog


April 6th 2022 (5-6.30pm ORB 255)

Diana Stypinska, NUIG

The pantomime of critique: On decadent indignation and the (im)possibilty of radical social change.


February 28th 2022

Lorraine Bowman Grieve (WIT)

Researching the Radical Right online: Stormfront and the Women's Forum 


February 21st 2022

Professor Louise Ryan

Is it who you know?

Exploring the direct and indirect roles of social migrants' accessing labour markets





2020-2021 Webinars

29th March 2021 - 12.30 to 2.00pm

Professor Pádraig Carmody and Dr. Su-Ming Khoo

Revisiting Development Theories

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24th November 2020 - 1 to 2.30pm

Dr Ebun Joseph, Ismail Einashe, Dr Jacqui O'Riordan and Dr Mike FitxGibbon

Migration, Race & Ethnicity

8th October 2020 - 12 noon to 1pm

Professor Ursula Kilkelly

Transforming Youth Detention: the Oberstown story? Making rights real in youth detention

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2019-2020 Seminars 

10th October 2019

Professor David Wall

‘Cybercrime Kingpins: The changing division of criminal labour within the modern cybercrime ecosystem’




19th November 2019

Dr Annie Cummins

‘Understanding the nature of play in after-school settings in Ireland’


3rd December 2019

Dr Tom Boland

‘Governing the labour market in the cargo-cult for full employment’


21st January 2020

Professor Louise Ryan

‘“Kilburn is not Kilburn any more”: an analysis of ageing in and out of place’


28th January 2020

Professor Arpad Szakolczai (UCC)

‘From Baudelaire through Picasso to Sartre: Scenes from the lives of the demonic avant-garde’


11th February 2020

Dr Richard Milner (UCC)

‘Narratives and Collective Learning Processes: how society makes sense of and responds to crises’


20th February 2020, 2-4pm Boole 2

Dr Aine Mangaoang (University of Oslo) and Dr Tom Western (University of Oslo and University of Oxford) ISS21 joint seminar with the School of Applied Social Studies.

"Music, Sound, and Power in contemporary places of detention"

Postponed due to Pandemic

10th March 2020, 6-7pm Askive 

Professor Ross MacMillan (University of Limerick)

‘On the new socioeconomics of trust: Labour market precarity and generalised trust in a multi-national context’

24th March 2020, 6-7pm Askive.

Dr Jennifer O’Mahoney (WIT)

'Understanding victimology through a cultural lens: Lessons from Ireland's Magdalene Laundries'



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