Postgrad Corner

Postgrad Corner

Postgrad Corner

Reflections on the PhD Journey Post-Graduate FORUM: Returned Thursday 22nd October: 2-3pm

The Post-Graduate Forum is an informal meeting space for Post-grads to discuss their perspectives and research. Making connections to a vibrant academic community is more difficult in these times – as is imagining the road ahead, so for the first few weeks we invited students who have completed their doctorate to discuss their journey.

22 October 2020: Our first guest was Dr. Paul O’Connor, whose research on ‘Home: The Foundation of Belonging’ is perhaps more vital than ever since we are now largely confined to households. Since graduating in 2016, Paul has moved to teach in the UAE and is currently researching on technological transformations of society.

Dr Paul O'Connor

5 November 2020: Our guest this week was Dr Trish McGrath, whose research is on Trickster Politicians – something which certainly has a global resonance now!

Dr Trish McGrath

Department of Sociology & Criminology

Socheolaíocht & Coireolaíocht

Askive, Donovan's Road, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, T12 DT02