Criminology Course outlines

Listed below on this website are the course outlines for the directly criminology modules offered on the BA Criminology by the staff and doctoral students in the Discipline of Criminology within the Sociology Department at UCC. There are other optional modules on offer of course, what we see as 'background modules' from other Departments, such as Philosophy, Law, Applied Social Studies, History, Statistics and Government, that deepen you rknowledge of key issues, and you can see the full list on the Year 2 general page on this site. The module specification for these modules can be found in the Book of Modules.

In the sidebar on the left you will find links to the following course outlines:

SC2021 Sociology of crime & deviance [S1, compulsory, Y2, Professor Colin Sumner];

CR2001 Contemporary studies in critical criminology [10 credits, S2, compulsory, Y2, Professor Colin Sumner 7 Dr. Katharina Swirak];

CR2014 Animals and crime [S2, Y2/3, Dr Clare Leon];

CR2002 Coercive confinement and social control in Ireland [S1, Y2/3, Helen Russell MA Crim];

CR2003 Crime, urbanisation and cities [S2, Y2/3, Dr Lorcan Byrne]

CR2004 Official criminal statistics [S1, Y2/3, Blazej Kaucz]

CR2005 Sex offenders [S2, Y2/3, Dr Ciara Staunton]

CR2006 Policing modern society [S1, Y2/3, Steven Robinson MA Crim]

CR2007 Life-course criminology and desistance [S2, Y2/3, Barry Owens PGDPM, MA, and Maria Walsh]

CR2008 Victims and victimology [S2, Y2/3, Dr Orla Lynch]

CR2009 Comparative perspectives on policing [S2, Y2/3, Martin Hopkins MA, M.Crim. Just.]

CR2010 Terrorism and political violence [S1, Y2/3, Dr Orla Lynch]

CR2011 Education in prisons [S1, Y2/3, Dr. Kevin Warner]

CR2013 Gender and crime [S1, Y2/3, Dr Gavin Deady & Emer Sweeney MA Crim]

CR2015 Youth Crime [S2, Yr2/3, Dr Katharina Swirak - module starting in 2017-18]

All are worth 5 credits and optional in either Year 2 or Year 3 unless indicated otherwise.

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