Year Three


No student may register for Third Arts (Criminology) until he/she has passed the Second University Examination in Arts (Criminology). The selection of any module is conditional on the Professor or Lecturer concerned and the College being satisfied that a student is capable of profiting by attendance thereat. Students may not select modules which involve a timetable clash.

In Third Arts (Criminology) students take core modules to the value of 25 credits in Criminology plus 35 credits of elective modules.

Change of Module

Students wishing to register a change of module must do so via the Student Portal or at the Student Records and Examinations Office no later than two weeks after the start of each Semester, i.e. by Friday, 22nd September 2017 (Semester 1) or Friday, 26th January 2018 (Semester 2). Semester 1 modules cannot be changed in Semester 2. No changes in registration will be allowed after these deadlines.

Year Three begins in 2017/18 on the 11th September. 

In Third Arts (Criminology) students must take the following core modules:

S1 CR3001 Dissertation design (5 credits), 

S1 CR3010 Criminal Justice Policy (10 credits) 

S2 CR3002 Dissertation in Criminology (10 credits)

Plus:  35 credits from the following list of optional modules, noting that, because of sabbaticals and staff changes, a module may be withdrawn for a year or even permanently.

Directly criminological modules:

Semester 1

SC2052 Forensic Sociology  CR2006 Policing modern society  CR2010 Terrorism and political violence  CR2011 Education in prisons  CR2013 Gender and crime  CR2016 Global Illicit Drugs Trade  CR2017 Drugs, crime and society  CR3004 Human trafficking and modern slavery  CR3008 Independent study HI2046 Policing and popular justice in Ireland, 1803-1960  HI3127 Religion and magic in reformation Europe: witches, demons, Jews and heretics  HI3128 Censorship in twentieth-century Ireland  AP3015 Forensic psychology  AP3101 Abnormal Psychology  SC3057 Sociology of memory, trauma and collective denial

Semester 2 

CR2002 Women, confinement and social control in Ireland  CR2003 Crime, urbanisation and cities  CR2005 Sex offenders  CR2008 Victims and victimology  CR2009 Comparative perspectives on policing  CR2014 Animals and crime  CR2015 Youth Crime  HI2044 Crime and media in Ireland  HI2045 Crime, violence, and revolutionary Ireland, 1913-1925  CR3005 Online crime  SC3012 Sociology of Media  SC3053 Societal regulation and environmental governance  CR3009 Corporate crime

Background modules:


SC3001 Social theory II  SC3023 Sociology of health and illness  SC3046 Family, gender, sexualities  PH3110 Human nature and free will  PH3042 Professional ethics  PH3044 The construction of social reality  GV3210 Conflict and conflict resolution  ST2011 Social statistics

Semester 2                                                             

SC3003 Sociology of development and globalisation  SC3007 Introduction to planning and sustainable development  SC3017 Sociology of law  SC3029 Sociology of the environment  SS3011 Youth policy and practice  S3015 The politics of racism  PH3112 Moral responsibility  PH3025 Political philosophy in theory and practice  PH3041 Moral psychology  PH3045 Home, identity and displacement  ST2013 Social statistics

Note: Students who took modules in the Second Year cannot select and repeat the same module(s) in Third Year.

plus the language modules....

FR4101 Advanced use of French (10 credits) FR4702 Contemporary French society and politics (5 credits)

GA3001 Úsáid agus Cruinneas na Gaeilge (10 credits)

GE3101 Advanced integrated language course (10 credits) GE3126 German film in focus (5 credits) GE3136 Berlin in literature, film and visual art (5 credits) GE3139 German-Irish relations – present and past (5 credits) GE3902 Language and interpretation (5 credits) GE3904 The double face of Germany: representing the Holocaust (5 credits)

HS3001 Final year Spanish language (10 credits) HS3054 Gender, violence and power on the US-Mexico border ( 5 credits) HS3058 Latin American human rights in an international context (5 credits)

IT3101 Advanced Italian language (10 credits) IT3307 Italian women writers (5 credits) IT3309 Introduction to modern Italian cinema (5 credits)IT3310 Futurism: word and image (5 credits) IT3312 Italian contributions to European culture (5 credits) IT3313 Modern Italian theatre (5 credits) IT3314 Imagined histories: the historical novel in Italian (5 credits).