Study skills module

Improving your writing, learning and comprehension at UCC

Students around the world often reach Year 3 regretting that they had not taken advantage of the university's support for teaching and learning, not only because more effective studying, understanding and writing ensure higher grades but also because better performance enhances enjoyment and pleasure. When education ceases to be emotionally and mentally rewarding, and purely instrumental or vocational, it will sooner or later feel meaningless. Like anything else, unless it has a meaning for us it will seem pointless. Money, we would argue, is never compensation for that.

Moreover, education is defined by the teacher's engagement with the student or learner, and if that engagement is weak, whether because of the teacher's distance or lack of skill OR because of the student's inability to learn well, in all likelihood the outcome will not be the best that they could have produced. Education, whether as a pleasing cultural form or as crucial to the information economy, is way too important for our lives to be treated with less seriousness than a sport. And in sport we learn the skills that maximise results.... 

That is why we in Criminology had already decided to institute a study skills course even before UCC created its Study Skills Centre and asked us to participate in a trial run that could in time become a pan-university support module. This happy convergence will eventually lead to greater student 'job satsifaction' and stronger performance levels. It will hopefully enhance students' capacity and desire for "lifelong learning", something most graduates value and cherish as the great prize we all won at university: the will and the ability to find out stuff and to know it critically.

The Study Skills timetable for Criminology can be found and downloaded here. The classes will take place on Tuesdays in ORB 123 @11 am and Wednesdays Boole 6 @ 5 pm. Year 1 will be divided into two groups in the first week and you will begin your hourly session in the second week of semester.