Postgraduate Criminology at UCC

MA and PhD Criminology

Graduates with a 2/1 in our BA Criminology will be very welcome on our MA Criminology. The website for prospective students is at to be found here. The more detailed web pages that we use for teaching are here. Of course, there are many other MAs in criminology around the world, so do come in and discuss that with us when and if it interests you. From August 2015, Dr Orla Lynch has been the Programme Director for the MA Criminology at UCC. All enquiries to her at

Top performers on our BA could contemplate going straight into a doctorate on a criminological topic with us at UCC. Internationally, a grade over 65% normally indicates a likelihood of capacity to do a doctorate within a reasonable period of time. Over 70% suggests the likelihood of a very good one. However these are just guidelines, not fixed rules.

Our doctoral seminar for 2017-18 is timetabled as follows:

Semester 1:

Semester 2: SAF_G01 Tuesday 14.00-15.00pm.