International Pathway

Taking the third year abroad and a 4-year degree?

Students can decide during the first semester of their second year of the BA Crim to turn it into a 4-year BA Criminology (International Pathway) by taking a year abroad in between their Year 2 and Year 3 at UCC. In this 4-year International Pathway, the third year would be spent in an approved foreign university where you would study courses to the equivalent value of 60 credits, an experience that will enhance your cultural awareness and afford you the possibility of taking courses not on offer at UCC. You would then return to UCC to do your 4th year in our UCC-validated Year Three, taking the dissertation modules, CR3001 and CR3002, the compulsory Criminal Justice Policy CR3010, and the requisite number of option modules.

Students thinking about taking this option should discuss it with your Year 2 Tutor, Dr James Windle or Professor Sumner by mid-semester 1 of Year 2. You can only choose from universities with good criminology units and programmes that are also on UCC's list AND approved by Professor Sumner as Head of Criminology. Students should also consider that there are many excellent MA or MPhil courses in Criminology in the English-speaking world that would accept them with a 2/1 from their UCC BA Criminology and that after 4 years they could have an MA in Criminology instead of just a BA. In all cases, student safety and well-being are a consideration and the Programme Director will need to see or hear evidence of parental support.

Several European universities have already offered or are negotiating partnership arrangements with UCC Criminology, and we have many good contacts with criminology/sociology departments and centres around the world. So our list of suitable locations is developing all the time. At present, Criminology and UCC have agreements with the following:

Dept. of Sociology & Criminology, St Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada;

Institute of Sociology & Philosophy, The Pedagogical University, Cracow, Poland;

Division of Criminology, ├śrebro University, ├śrebro, Sweden;

Faculty of Law, Sheffield University, UK.

Following offers from the following universities, negotiations are in progress with Sacramento State University, USA: a partnership memorandum should be signed before November for September 2018.

There are other universities who know us and would be happy to take our students for a year, such as York University, Dept. of Sociology, one of the UK's strongest Sociology units. We would have little difficulty in constructing brand new arrangements with various other universities in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa.

However, there are very few undergraduate degrees in criminology outside of the UK, USA and Canada so the choice of countries for an equivalent undergraduate third year would be much narrower than the choice for a taught MA or MPhil. For such postgraduate students, we have Erasmus partnerships with Cracow, as above, and the Sapienza Universita di Roma. There are very good MAs in Criminology/Sociology of Crime in Keele, York, Cardiff, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Kent and the LSE in the UK. Our own here in Cork, of course, is just as good if you want to stay put.

Finally, the purposes of any international year must be primarily academic. Whilst we totally support the idea that travel broadens the mind, we are in no position to act as a travel agency. It is generally wiser to keep holidays separate from study. One year's study is a big undertaking in terms of arrangements, and cannot be subject to to-ing and fro-ing because of some change in domestic or financial circumstances.

Colin Sumner

October 2017