Online criminology

UCC is proud to host CrimeTalk, an not-for-profit online criminology magazine with a global following, edited and developed by Colin Sumner, with a distinguished panel of Associate Editors. It contains feature articles, shorter comments, book/televison/film reviews, digests of current academic journals, video clips of lectures and speeches, an archive of weblinked press cuttings, a bookshop in association with Amazon, the catalogue of CrimeTalk Books, and a forum or BB.

This is already used in several universities around the world as an invaluable and unique resource for students of criminology. It supplements your textbook in a major way, with feature articles and comments plus raw materials such as newspaper output, video clips and online lectures. Some of the writers are world-famous criminology professors, but others are UCC under- or post-graduates. UCC criminology students should register, on its frontpage, and then log in every time, using the Remember Me box - that way, comments on articles will be possible and be made in your name.

CrimeTalk contains a fantastic list of criminology or criminology-relevant blogs and online entities. Do consult and explore these too! They will be enormously useful for your study of criminology AND will make it much more fun. 

Last year, CrimeTalk launched its app for most major brands of smartphone, thanks to one of our former MA Criminoloy students, John Persano, and that will enable you to read a criminological article or item on CrimeTalk with just two taps on your screen. It is compatible with al the more recent versions of Android.

Discipline of Criminology

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