Smartcard Top-up Purses

Smartcard Top-up purses

There are 3 purses available for Top-up on the UCC Smartcard portal.

The purses available are as follows:

Print/copy purse: (Print/copy services exclusively)

Personal purse:    (Print/copy, Payments for all goods and services within cafés, bars, restaurants and vending machines)

Reserved purse:  (Payments for goods & services within cafés, bars (excluding alcohol), restaurants and vending machines)



Just top-up your Personal purse as you can use it for all Smartcard Payment services.


Please note

When topping up the Print/copy purse online this will be called Subsidy on any printer/copier reader.

When topping up the Reserved purse online this will be called Subsidy on any till or vending reader.

Also, if you also have a Personal cash balance on your card this can be viewed by selecting the question mark symbol on the readers.

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