What is the Smartcard Refund Policy?

Refund Policy

Cardholders agree and understand that there will be no cash withdrawals or cash refunds from their UCC Smartcard.

Cash refunds will not be permitted for returned goods purchased with the UCC Smartcard. The account will be credited for the amount of goods returned. Items purchased with the UCC Smartcard must be returned to the location where they were purchased and are subject to the returns policy of the merchant.

In the event of a Student leaving the University, there will be no cash refunds from their card. Cardholders can transfer their remaining balance to another registered Student from same purses. This can be carried out at the Smartcard Office.

If no transactions have been carried out on a card for a period of 24 months, it is envisaged that the monetary balance left on these inactive cards will be recycled into Student Services (e.g  Student Hardship fund) after a handling fee deduction yet to be established.


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