What happens if my ID Card is lost or stolen?

What happens if my ID card is lost or stolen?

In the event of an ID card being lost or stolen the onus is on the Cardholders to deactivated smartcard payment services immediately. This can be carried out on the Smartcard web portal. 

Cardholders must follow the 'card lost or stolen' procedures on the Smartcard web portal - an automatic email will then be sent to the Smartcard Office. Your card has then been sucessfully blocked.

Alternatively, call to the Smartcard Office located beside the Information desk in Áras na Mac Léinn. 

Smartcard term time hours: 9a.m to 11.30pm

If a Student or Staff card is lost or stolen; hotlisting ensures the card balance is protected.

A new Student card or Staff card can be obtained in the Student Records and Examinations Office and Human Resources Office respectively. Once printed the old lost card is blocked. If a Cardholder had a balance on their lost card, this can then be transferred to the newly printed card by inserting it in any reader on campus.

If a Cardholder locates their lost card, the card can then be unblocked in the Smartcard Office.  A fee of €5 applies to unblock your card.

N.B: Please note, if you have already reprinted a new card in the Student Records and Examinations Office, you cannot reactivate an older ID Card as this is now blocked.

Reactivation of blocked cards can only take place on your CURRENT ID Card which you have blocked on the Smartcard top-up portal site.



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