What to do in the event of errors/queries


It is essential that the cardholder reviews the account history through their Smartcard online web portal account on a regular basis. Errors on receipts at the time of purchase should be addressed with the business in question. If the UCC Smartcard holder is unable to resolve the query with the merchant the following should take place:

1)      The error should be reported to the UCC Smartcard Office no later than 30 days after the error has appeared.

         If the Smartcard Office is not notified within these 30 days, the card holder will be liable for the error or discrepancy.

2)      At the time of reporting a discrepancy, the cardholder must provide the following:

         - The Student/Staff UCC ID Card.

         - A detailed description of the discrepancy in question.

         - The monetary amount of the transaction.

3)      After the Smartcard office will investigate the discrepancy, the result of which will be informed to the cardholder

         within 10 business days.

4)      The Smartcard office will correct any error within 24 hours of the decision being made on the discrepancy.

         If no discrepancy was found, a written explanation will be documented to the card holder informing them of this.


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