F.A.Q and Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions

Smartcard FAQs


Q: What is a Smartcard?

A: Your student card is your Smartcard.

Q: What should I do if I lose my Smartcard?

A: You can block your card on your Smartcard Portal to protect your balance. If you find your card, it will cost €5 to unblock it. If you don’t find your card, you will need to get a new one.

Q: Where do I go if I need a new Smartcard?

A: The Student Examinations and Records Office print new Smartcards for a fee of €20.

Q: Do I need to unblock my card if I get a new one?

A: No, once you get a new card, the old one remains blocked and the new card is active.

Q: Can I unblock my old card?

A: No, once a new card is printed, the previous cards becomes completely invalid and cannot be used again.



Q: Where can I top up my Smartcard?

A: You can top up in the Boole Library (in the printing room on the ground floor), the Student Centre (inside the front door to the right), Brookfield (by the vending machines in the café) and in the Western Gateway Building (opposite the information desk). You can also top up online.

Q: Can I top up using my credit/debit card?

A: Yes, you can top up online on the Smartcard website, it is the same as any other online transaction. If you top up by €5 or more online, you get 5% extra credit.

Q: Where can I access an online reader to redeem my credit/online top up?

A: Online readers are attached to all the printers and tills on campus. Just insert your card and press the blue question mark to check your balance.

Q: What is the minimum amount I can put on my card?
If you are using cash, €5 is the minimum because the top-up machines only take cash and do not give change. However, you can top up by €2 online.

Q: What is an online reader?

A: An online reader is the device that processes Smartcard payments and displays your balance. They are connected to all the printers and tills on campus.

Q: How do I check my balance?

A: It depends on what purse you have topped up. To check your Personal Purse balance, you can check this on any reader. Your Print Purse balance can be seen on readers attached to printers. The Reserved Purse balance can only be seen on readers in retail areas such as cafes and shops.

Q: How do I move my balance from one purse in to a different one?

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this. Please be careful when topping up online to avoid topping up the wrong purse.



Q: How do I apply for a print refund?

A: You email sit@ucc.iewith all the details of your print job, including the serial number on the printer, how many jobs you tried to print, the amount of money deducted from your card and your student number. SIT will investigate the print error and will request the refund.

Q: I tried to print but the reader displayed a message saying ‘no jobs’?

A: This issue can be reported to sit@ucc.ie, or to the SIT desk in the library.

Q: Do I need to top up my Print Purse to pay for printing in the SU Print Shop?
No, the Print Purse is only accepted by the readers attached to the printers. However, printing in the SU Print Shop can be paid for from the Personal Purse.

Q: How do I pay a fine in the Boole library?

A: The fine is deducted from the Personal Purse.


Q: Who can I contact if I have a problem?

A: You can email smartcard@ucc.ieor call to the Smartcard desk in the Student Centre.

Smartcard Information


Different Purses:

  • Personal Purse: This is the primary Purse. The balance in this purse can be used for all purchases on campus, including print and copy facilities, and purchasing goods in shops and cafes. We recommend topping up this purse as the balance can be accessed at any reader.
  • Print and Copy Purse: This balance can only be used for printing and copying services (excluding the SU Print Shop). This balance can only be seen on readers attached to printers and is displayed under ‘subsidy’, as it is a secondary purse.
  • Reserved Purse:This balance can only be used in retail areas such as cafes or shops. The balance can only be seen on readers in these areas. This balance will also be displayed under 'subsidy''as it is a secondary purse.

It is not necessary to top up the reserved or print purse to purchase food or print/copy services. The personal purse can be used for everything, which is why we recommend using this purse for all Smartcard transactions.


Contacting Us

Contact:Ruth O’Sullivan

Email: Smartcard@ucc.ie

Phone:021 490 3006

If you would like to speak to someone in person about an issue you may have, please email Smartcard in advance to organise a mutually suitable time to discuss your issue. This ensures you will be given the time to solve any issue you have.


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