11 Mar 2019

Second Semester 2018-19

• 27 March - Symposium "Unhomely Places: Refuge and Hospitality in Contested Spaces." (10AM-1PM, O’Rahilly Building 1.24 Room) Bob Davidson  (University of Toronto) is visiting UCC and participating in a seminar on spaces of refuge and hospitality. The event will also count on the participation of Vukasin Nedeljkovic (DIT), Carlos Garrido Castellano and Humberto Saldanha (UCC.) • 29 March - Research Seminar, Ana Regina Lessa, Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed: Translation and Cultural Inclusion.” (4 PM, O’Rahilly Building 1.24 Room) Our colleague Ana Regina Lessa (Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholar) gives the following lecture as part of her present the latest results of their PhD research: Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed: Translation and Cultural Inclusion. • Latin American Development Issues Lecture Programme: Extractivism (2 & 9  April, O’ Rahilly Building G27 Room, 6,30-8) & Contemporary Political and Social Conflict (7 & 14 May, hour and location to be confirmed) UCC SPLAS organises four lectures on social conflict and extractivism in partnership with Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC) • Translation Week The DART research group organises several activities as part of Translation Week: o 1 April: Seminar and workshop on User-Centered Translation with Tiina Tuominen (University of Glasgow) o 3 April: Seminar on translation and videogames with Victoria Prieto and Laura Linares. 10AM-1PM, Brookfield 301 Room. o 4 April: Translation Pub Quiz (Fundraising for Translators without Borders) at The Rock, 7,30 PM. • 12-13 April - Conference "Linguistic Diversity: Celebrating Difference” (Western Gateway Building, G02 & G15 Rooms, UCC; event organised by the Irish Centre for Galician Studies.) The Irish Centre for Galician Studies organises a two-days conference on linguistic diversity and plurilingualism. More information about the event can be found at: • 23 April - World Book Fest. UCC SPLAS collaborates with the Cork World Book Festival. More information about the event can be found at • 23-26 April - Conference of the Society for Irish Latin American Studies, Trinity College, Dublin.  UCC SPLAS participates in the organisation of the Society for Irish Latin American Studies Conference, to be held at Trinity College Dublin this year. More information about the event can be found at • 26 April - Seminar and poetry reading with Carmen Camacho and Keith Payne (4 PM, O’Rahilly Building, Room 1.24) The Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies Department in partnership with the Cervantes Institute in Dublin organises a seminar and poetry reading with Carmen Camacho (1976). In the first part of the event, Camacho will present her last book on aphorisms; later on, she will recite in Spanish and English some of her last poems in dialogue with Keith Payne.
• 3 May - Seminar Popular Culture and the Legacies of Colonialism in Portugal. (10AM-4PM, O’Rahilly Building) In May we are organising a seminar on cultural production and the legacy of colonialism in contemporary Portugal. The event will count on the participation of Marta Pacheco Pinto (University of Lisbon), Joana Craveiro (Teatro do Vestido, Lisbon) Leonor de Oliveira (Nova University of Lisbon) and Maria Tavares (Queens University, Belfast.) • 23 May - Workshop on the 80th Anniversary of the End of the Spanish Civil War (10AM-4PM, O’Rahilly Building) Also in May, UCC SPLAS will host a one-day event commemorating the end of the Spanish Civil War. The event will include lectures and the screening of a film on the conflict. • 11-12 June - Conference Performing Translation: Translatorship in the 21st Century  DART Research Group organises a conference on contemporary approaches to translatorship. More information about the event can be found at

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