Gernikako Lobak (the grandchildren of Gernika)

18 Jan 2019
Gernikako Lobak

Gernikako Lobak (the grandchildren of Gernika)

As part of Refugee Week, we are delighted to welcome Leire Lopez Ziluaga, one of the grandchildren of Gernika, from the organization, Lobak.  

Lobak is a cultural initiative launched by the grandchildren of the survivors of the bombing of Gernika, one of the most appalling occurrences of the Spanish Civil War. Lobak was founded in 2012, on the 75th anniversary of the bombing, and aims to raise awareness around the impact of the atrocity through creative work and educational programmes.

The members of Lobak (meaning “grandchildren” in Basque) are the last generation to have received testimonies of what happened on April 26th 1937 directly from the survivors. Their grandparents told them what they witnessed and now their grandchildren approach the transmission of memory and history through art, music, culture and creativity. (lobak minutu bat)



Facebook : lobak.ekimena

Instagram : @gernikakolobak


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