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Taking an Exam at UCC

22 Nov 2019

Next week is all about exams, well, all about preparing for end of semester examinations in the Skills Centre. Together with colleagues from Student Examinations and Records Office and the Assistive Technology lab and Disability Support Services we have put together an excellent lunch time exam menu!

25th Nov 1pm:  Assistive Technologies at UCC

Attending on Monday will provide an introduction to assistive technology, enabling students to harness technology for learning in a creative fashion. Learn how to use on campus software to convert text into audio. Also, see how you can use your phone to listen to anything from websites to textbooks

26th & 28th Nov 1pm: Taking an Exam at UCC

Tuesday and Thursday sessions demystify the process of taking an examination in UCC. If you are a first-year or visiting student, then this session is perfect for you! It will provide practical guidance on the examinations process in UCC and how to prepare for and conduct yourself during examinations.


27th Nov 1pm: Practical Preparation for Exams

The Wednesday session is the last of our Practical Preparation for Exams. This helps students to uncover the study technique that will suit them in the lead up to exams, as well as guidance on how to plan your study timetable, and help to develop efficient exam techniques.

29th Nov 1pm: Practice Exam Session

Finally, Friday’s session provides a space where students can identify a time management plan for their exams and execute it in an environment structured to test its feasibility. This is a drop-in session so no need to book in advance!

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