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Survive & Thrive: The ABC's of first year

7 Oct 2019

Survive and thrive in your 1st year of university. This is a four week programme that will introduce you to strategies to enable engagement with life at third level. Drawing on techniques from technology to positive psychology you will find new ways to engage with your work, the campus and those around you.




This course will cover topics such as:

  • Develop your technology skills for learning
  • Organise your college and personal timetable on your phone
  • Create balance with college, hobbies
  • Learn about your individual study style 
  • Develop and engage in daily mindfulness meditation practice to help improve your study
  • Learn to use Read & Write for helpful supports
  • Mindful Meditation

Dates for this course:

  • Tuesday 8th October 9-10am
  • Tuesday 15th October 9-10am
  • Tuesday 22nd October 9-10am
  • Tuesday 29th October 9-10am

It is not too late to sign up, please register for this workshop through this link

In the meantime please utilise the many resources we offer on assistive technology here.