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SPEAK: Presentation Development Programme

1 Nov 2019
Screenshots of previous SPEAK participants frame a word cloud with common words from their SPEAK applications.

Successful Presentations- Effectively Articulating Knowledge (SPEAK) is a presentations development programme that is designed to enable participants to create and deliver effective presentations. 



Watch the promotional video for SPEAK through this link!


The programme is designed by Kathy Bradley, UCC Skills Centre Coordinator. Kathy has worked extensively developing communication methodologies across varying platforms including business development, storyboarding and social media marketing. The performance element of the programme is designed in collaboration with the Department of Theatre under the direction of part-time lecturer and PhD candidate, Scotty Walsh.


The SPEAK Programme is designed to be delivered over 6 weeks with the final session being one of peer evaluation. Each session will deliver a specific element of presentation skills that will allow you to become aware of the broad spectrum of performance in everyday life, as well as to develop specific techniques to enhance presentation skills and visual communication. These techniques include the development of an expanded range of physical and vocal expressivity, expanded approaches to audience awareness and enlarged awareness of non-verbal and non-physical communication.  Storytelling, improvisation, scripting, messaging and digital skills will all be explored in the sessions allowing for the development of a full set of skills required for successful dissemination.


  • Session 1: Presentation skills overview: Barriers to effective communication.
  • Session 2: Authenticity in Performance: An exploration of the body, the voice, and the performance space.
  • Session 3: Stage presence: An exploration of non-verbal and “non-physical” communication, listening, and stage fright.
  • Session 4: Storytelling: An exploration of improvisation, storyboarding, scripting, and constructing a beginning, middle and end.
  • Session 5: Digital Skills Maker Session: Powerpoint and Academic Posters.
  • Session 6: Presentations for Peer Review.


Note: The assessment of the SPEAK programme will involve the students creating a 3-minute presentation in the Library Studio. The final session of the programme will involve a peer assessment of the presentations.


Listen to Episode 8 of Write Here, Write Now as we explore the world of presentation skills


Registration for this course is now closed, but due to the high demand, we will be offering this session again! Please let us know about your interest for the SPEAK programme through this google form link, and we will let you know about when we are offering it next.