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Making feedback Work for you & Excel skills

7 Feb 2020

Have you received assignments back and are unsure how to interpret your feedback? Or, maybe you’ve received feedback on an assignment and want to use it to improve your writing for your next assignment? Feedback should be embraced. It is the return of information about the result of a process or activity. It can also be defined as information about past behaviour delivered in the present which may influence future behaviour. Make sure to make the most out of your feedback and come to the Skills Centre for our session on Making Feedback Work for You! Thursday 20th February at 3 pm - 4 pm.

We are delighted to announce that this week we are holding a 2-hour workshop on Excel Skills in the Research Skills Training Room, Q-1 Boole Library this week. In this workshop you will learn how you can use Microsoft Excel to track data, create graphs, and produce reports. This session will take place on Tuesday 18th February at 5 pm – 7 pm.

Literature Reviews and how to approach them is to topic for discussion on Wednesday 19th February at 12 noon. Join Anne as she will help you to plan your approach and structure your argument using your sources.

As always you can access our timetable and book your place for these sessions here: 


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