Sourcing & Cite-seeing

To cite means to give credit to the source of words or an idea when the material is not of your making or original idea. It appears as a “citation” or a “reference”.

Citations are vital for several reasons, they show the breadth of your research – in other words shows how much research is behind your assignment, citations also allow falsehoods and misunderstandings to be traced back to their source. For example, if you reference a certain academic work or theorists in your assignment and it turns out their claims are later proven to be false, then you cannot be held accountable for this error. They can reveal the flow and evolution of information by allowing the reader to follow your thought process.  The reader can easily track your information but also, if you want to expand on a point, you can refer to the original source.

But most importantly, citations give due credit to other writers and researchers. 

This class does not tell you how to cite or construct a bibliography, according to the specific department guidelines. Instead this session will dive into topics such as what a citation is, the reasoning behind it and the when's & what's of citing.


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