Lab Reporting

Lab report writing doesn’t require you to fill out a checklist in order to have a ‘good’ result, and ultimately a good grade. Good grades don’t come from high yields or long reports, like any experiment, anything unexpected could occur to throw off the flow of the procedure. And so, this session aims to teach that there is no such thing as a good or bad result, if you discuss why something happened and backed it up with evidence then you are applying good scientific methods.

This session will help you understand what content is required for a scientific lab report, such as introductions, objectives, materials & methods, results & discussions and conclusions. The ‘lab Reporting’ skills session will also help you to become familiar with using scientific language, such as the differences between objectively vs subjectivity, passive and active voices, and so on.

By understanding the requirements of scientific writing and language, you can achieve a level of professionalism in your lab reports. Pairing down unnecessarily long sentences while retaining the concept is an example of efficient scientific writing. How a student writes is an indication of their level of understanding the course material. 

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