Grammar and Punctuation

Proper grammar, sentence structure and paragraph structure are essential and indispensable in life, especially in academic research. Without proper grammar, effective communication is diminished.The Skills Centre Grammar sessions will take your grammar and language skills to a new level. The Skills Centre Tutors will deconstruct words, sentences and whole paragraphs with you. You will be shown how to rebuild the sentences so that your arguments make sense.

Transitions and connecting words will become your new best friends. In addition, you will learn communication etiquette. You will know how to communicate properly with your lecturers and advisers ensuring the best possible outcomes for you.

The Grammar and Punctuation sessions are delivered over two hours. This is split into 2 x 1-hour sessions. You can book them separately, but we advise that you book sessions 1 and 2 at the same time to make sure you have secured your seat.  

Additional sessions, such as Sentence Structure, Paragraph Structure,  Building an Argument, How to Write an Essay and Unpacking the Question will help you approach your assignments with confidence and ease.

These sessions are in high demand so if you book please turn up.