Culture of Academic Writing

Are you a student coming from an overseas university/college? Then our skills session on the culture of academic writing is perfect for you! We at the Skills Centre understand that UCC may have different academic approach then what you are used to. And so, this session aims to highlight key areas for academic writing that can be different from the culture of writing that you have experienced before. But instead of comparing the numerous academic writing styles from various cultures, this session will mainly highlight the key areas of academic writing that is expected from you here at UCC. 

Here at UCC, you will need to learn about the differences in the culture of academic writing, and not expect yourself to know them from the very beginning. And so, you can pop down to the Skills Centre and avail of this session through our timetable!

Is this session not on the skills sessions timetable? Would you or a group be interested in attending this session, but the Skills Centre is currently not offering it? Let us know! We would be happy to know what session students look forward to the most so the Skills Centre can cater to all of your academic needs, simply email us about the sessions you or a group would like to attend.

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